Current obsession: Gucci

Lately we’ve seen Gucci items everywhere, everybody’s going crazy for this brand and for a good reason: every single piece is beautiful. To be honest, I’ve never really been a Gucci’s fan but I’ve changed my mind and I can’t stop thinking about all of things I wish I could own!

  Credit to @chiaraferragni on Instagram

This t-shirt might me my second item on my Gucci wishlist. It’s so wearable for every occasion, day and night and it’s one of those classic items that never really go out of style.

I love hoodies and this one is like another classic item, plus it looks super comfortable and I’m all about that life!

I’m crazy about t-shirts so the more, the merrier and this black one is no exception.

  credit to @ambrabny on Instagram

And here’s the number 1 on my wishlist: the Marmont matelassè bag in black. I’m having dreams at night about this bag, no joke, it’s absolutely beautiful and I really hope i can get my hands on it one day. I think it’s the type of classic bag that in 5-10 years from now, will still be wonderful and considered ‘in’.

These two are always in the same family of the Marmont matelassè, but other than the obvious differences, are also smaller and super cute and the colors give me life, they are so stunning. I would love to own these two mini bags, mostly because of the colors. I already own mini bags but they’re all navy and black so these bags would be perfect to give a pop of color to my collection. Gucci has made, in my eyes, an incredible step forward and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.



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